Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Advanced Guide Training | Schedule

The following is the schedule decided for the Guide Training. Lead Instructors are mentioned below. They will be supported by other instructors too.

Please remember that punctuality is extremely important.

22nd Feb 2012

1000 hrs:
Introduction to the training - Raj Gyawali, Robin Boustead

1015 - 1200 hrs:
Understanding the Mountain Environment and what it means to guiding - Ian Wall
Navigation | Orientation | Map Reading - Amrit Ale, Prem Guvaju

Tea & Snacks Break

1400 - 1600 hrs:
First Aid - the box and how to use it - Sarita Lama
Leadership Skills - Raj Gyawali, Ian Wall, Prem Guvaju, Amrit Ale

23rd Feb 2012

1000 hrs:
How important is the guide to the company he/she works for?

1015-1200 hrs:
Responsible Tourism - understanding what it relates to guiding, Raj Gyawali
Rescue & Insurance Implications - Prem Guvaju, Amrit Ale, Ian Wall, Raj Gyawali

Tea & Snacks Break

1400 - 1600 hrs:
Client Expectations - understanding and managing them, Ian Wall, Raj Gyawali
Questions & Answers - Final session



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