Friday, February 17, 2012

Advanced Guide Training | 22-23 Feb 2012 | Course Outline

This course will have four sessions of two hours each from 1000 - 1200 and from 1400 - 1600 hrs on both days.

This is what is planned for level ONE of this GUIDE Training:-

‘Nepal’s diverse Mountain Environment’ - one session
      The formation of the mountains and valleys of Nepal
      The Himalaya and position in the continent
      How the prevailing winds effect the climate and daily weather
      How the mountain environment affects our judgment as leaders
      Knowledge of the environment and the weather can help avoid problems
      Using knowledge and the environment to aid a safe passage for our clients
      What IS perceived to be safe by the clients ..and Nepal staff?
      Dangers in the environment – from external sources

‘AMS’ - one session
      What, where and why!
      How to deal with the problem
      The Gammo Bag

‘Suggested contents / considerations for a First Aid Kit’ - one session
      Organising it
      What should we consider – who might use it?
      Who carries it and where?

Map Reading Skills and Orientation - one session

Understanding Client Expectations and Managing it - two sessions

Responsible Tourism in a Trekking Environment - one session
      Environmental Sensitivity - LNT etc.
      Cultural Sensitivity
      Contribution into the local economy

Rescue and Problem Solving in the mountains - one session
      Dealing with Helicopter Rescue
      Emergency procedures - preparing for an emergency


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