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Photo Essay: Trekking Langtang in Nepal

Photo Essay: Trekking Langtang in Nepal

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An Astonishing Trip to Nepal - Results in 3 Life Changing Lessons

Taken from an article @ written by Walter Bauens.

After traveling to South & North India beginning 2010 we (my wife Viviane & I) arrived at Kathmandu February 23th for a tailor made trip. A Yotran Travel Your Dreams excursion. To Learn More Click Here.

It included learning from the Nepalese culture, challenging our own life’s and beliefs and having fun with spiritual & Yoga experiences. We had three weeks; we kept the initial days formal with our local Yotran partner, had a tentative schedule and then sat down and decided what to do. I personally suffered already from the famous bacteria, which caused severe diarrhea, a typical phenomenal when you travel through those countries.

  • Step 1: Go to a Tibetan Doctor and get healthy again
  • Step 2: Experience a guided heritage trip through Kathmandu
  • Step 3: Have unique local Yoga experiences and meet local people to exchange ideas
  • Step 4: Plan the trek of 8 days through the Himalaya (Helambu & Langtang region) with maximum height of 4.700 m (15,000 feet)
  • Step 5: Check your physical condition with an ayurvedic doctor and get a customized diet for our trekking
  • Step 6: Do meet the astrologist to challenge and understand your luck by the philosophy of the stars
  • Step 7: Warm up with a trial Hike Day to be prepared with an in depth briefing at the end for all practical issues of the trekking.

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