Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Advanced Guide Training | day one

Twenty four guides got together at socialtours today to start day one of the Advanced Guide Training. The group was lively and presented many issues to the trainers to discuss. It started with introductions from Raj Gyawali and Robin Boustead and then continued into main sessions.

Ian Wall took the session on Understanding the Mountain Environment and sensitised the participants on the issues of weather patterns, and how it manifests itself in the mountain environment. Also how this effects guiding. He also stressed on the importance of being really interested in learning about the mountain environment.

After this, Robin and Amrit took over to explain about maps and map reading. There was active participation on this session as participants wanted to learn well how to read a map, obviously a skill some of them lacked. They learnt about contours, measuring distances, calculating times required of trekking, and for finding out the coordinates to provide the helicopter for the rescue.

NOTE: Rule of thumb is that in one hour, a person with a backpack can walk about 3.2 kms on a normal track, but if we are climbing, for every 300 meters, one has to add one hour extra.

Prem later spoke informally about how we need to prepare well, and make sure that we have the right equipment with us when we travel as guides. A lot of this build respect for the guide which then helps establish a positive relationship between guides and clients.

Sarita took over after this on the essential of First Aid. She explained about common problems, how to handle a thermometer, how to recognise AMS. Rajesh took over for a while explaining in detail, with demonstrations, on how to handle difficult health situations on a trek. Later, a Gammow bag was taken out to explain how to use it in an extreme situation.

Raj and Ian then took the last session on leadership, going over the Good GUIDE LIST and also other issues in consideration relating to leadership in guiding.


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