Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thoughts on the last 2 months interning with socialtours

I came to intern with socialtours in February 2014. The following blogpost is about the first third of my time here in Nepal. 

At Patan Durbar Square
At breakfast I told my host-mom that a third of my internship is over. She thought about it for a moment, drinking her tea, and then told me that she will miss me. That I am like a second daughter to her. It was one of those moments that make me appreciate the time I have here.

To get to work, I walk along the narrow streets in the direction of Durbar Square, navigating around motorcycles and other people. I still remember my first days in that crazy traffic of Kathmandu, surprised that it actually works out, and thinking I’d never remember the way back home. Well, by now day-to-day life set in. I see the same shops, streets and temples every day, but it is still amazing how many new things I encounter every time. I never get tired of watching the street life in this beautiful city.

Ok, Kathmandu is not exactly a beautiful city in the traditional (western & perfectly paved) way. But the temples and heritage sites at every second corner, buzzing markets and old Newar houses have their own flair. I like it here.

But the best about Nepal are certainly its people. I don’t think I ever met any unfriendly person here. Something I can sadly not say about my home country. Everyone here is somehow helpful and if they don’t have a solution themselves, they will find somebody who will have it. Many people here seem to have a warm and loving heart and I like the custom to call others brothers and sisters. In Nepal I not only have my host-family, but also socialtours is my family. It is amazing how so different people form a family, but one thing is probably common to all of them: the kindness and a good sense of humour. Here I am not looking forward to the weekend, but to go to work.


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