Friday, March 4, 2011

truly Inspired!

Just after writing the Microfunding for Tourism blog on the Far West Chamber of Commerce, (which incidentally is vying for the top five position in the RT Network Meeting in Berlin), I thought I will not go on and on about this area, at least for a while.

No can do! These people are really inspirational, and motivated. Just concluded the first training of tour operators, and we already have two products described, itineraries made, costed out and ready to roll. How cool is that? Some things make consultancies worth it!

The first one is a day trip to Badha Village (I promise I will bring it out here once its fully finalised) off Dhangadhi, either on jeeps, motorcyles, bicycles or for the more authentic lovers, on a bullock cart! Done via one lake, and a Shiva temple, with the drive passing through community forests, is really wonderful. What awaits at the other end is also fantastic... authentic Tharu culture, complete with dances, music and authentic food, not to mention a bullock cart tour of the village. What fun!

The second is a overnight trip combining a Ramsar site marsh, a river beach picnic and culminating in the forests of Bardia, where one relaxes into the night over a fire, and the next day does jungle activites in search of a tiger!

Rounded, well thought off, costed, itineraries developed to minute accuracies!

Could not have asked to work with a more motivated bunch of individuals. So far, this WILD west rocks!

So, here is a way to participate... get on this facebook page for Destination Far West Nepal... and befriend these amazing people!


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