Monday, June 6, 2011


Proud to announce that the GO LOCAL series product called Cook like a Local is doing fantastic. For almost every class (currently running at three times a week) we have some clients, and the feedback has started to pour in.

socialtours launched the GO LOCAL series a few months ago and this includes several different hidden secrets of Kathmandu, from special city walks such as the Kumari Trail, or nature walks such as the walks in Shivapuri National Park, or cycling around the city, or Newar village walks, the list is endless.

However, the one that is hitting the mark, and just what the doctor ordered, is the COOK like a LOCAL. At a small fee of 750 Rs, it is also a very high value product. One could learn cooking Aloo Parathas, momos and Dal Bhat.

A perfect way to get deep into Nepali culture!


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Cook Like a LOCAL : on facebook, on the website
Testimonials of the GO LOCAL series
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