Friday, September 6, 2013

Vo'ye | the NEWAR feast

During the festival of the God of Rain, Indra, the Kumari Living Goddess makes one of her rare appearances in public, going through special routes in old Kathmandu. It is thought that these routes she takes were the boundary of the city of Kathmandu in the ancient days. We follow this route on a guided tour and end it with a sumptous traditional NEWAR grand feast, blessed by Lord Indra.

The Newar Feast
There is a close association between the Newar culture and food, and feasts are very common in Newari families. The traditional Vo'ye boasts a wide array of dishes starting with sagun (holy offering), typically consisting of a boiled egg, smoked fish, bars (deep fried lentil patties), hakku chhoila (smoked buffalo meat) and aila (liquor), and ending with dhau (yogurt).

With the rise of catering services and the busy lives of the people, parties are catered to and the tradition of the Vo'ye is diminishing. These traditions of feasting bring families closer and remind us of our rich roots, which people need to be aware of and not let diminish.

This feast is an attempt to modernise this rich tradition and bring it back into vogue, showcasing what can be achieved by building in ambience, music and a little bit of style.

A Location with History
The third edition of this yearly feast organised by socialtours and powerful hands will be held at Bhojan Griha, a renovated palace about 150 years old, full of history.


We will add Newar dance performances & classes along with the feast, to make it an evening to remember.

1500 hrs: Gather at Kathmandu Durbar Square for the guided tour.
1700 hrs: Gather at Bhojan Griha for the grand feast.


Guided Tour and Feast: Rs. 1999.-
Grand Feast only: Rs. 999.-
Children below 10 years: Half price
Children below 4 years: Free

Some pictures from the previous years!


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