Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Walking Tour | A taste of SPICE

Walking Tour of Ason Market Kathmandu | Understanding Nepali cuisine and uses of spices | tasting | guided trip into bazaar | maximum 6 persons

Price : $ 10 pp (min 2 persons)

Sunday through Friday. The markets are closed on Saturdays.


Spices : You can see them on every corner of the street right in the heart of Kathmandu.  The smell and taste of the spices is an integral part of the life of Nepal. Ever wondered what are the names of all of the spices and more importantly to which dishes they are added? What are the origins of Nepalese cooking and where you can find the best ingredients?

The Taste of Spice is a unique chance to become familiar with the whole realm of the spices used in the Nepalese kitchen. What are the traditional dishes and the misconception about it? How is has changed over the years and what has remained untouched. How the spices intertwine with the everyday life of the people. How to shop on the market looking for the bargains and make the most of the trip.

An added value as the guide gives an insight into other important aspects of the Nepalese culture, religion or customs. The guide can advise you about roughly anything and instruct how to discover the true Nepal in the heart of Kathmandu.

This tour is a walking tour to the Ason market, a stones throw away from the tourist hub of Thamel in Kathmandu.

Quick Itinerary
1400 hrs: Briefing at office
1415 hrs: Start the tour
1630 – 1700 hrs: end of tour

English Speaking Guide
Spice tasting
Walking Tour


Essential Information

This is a walking tour of the inner streets of Kathmandu. Be prepared to jostle amongst hundreds of shoppers.

Carry water to drink and a rain cover in case it rains.

Carry some money for small purchases.

Bring along a great attitude!


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