Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lebenshilfe and socialtours making Nepal open to all - also those with intellectual disabilities

An exceptional holiday to Nepal opened doors for a group of Germans with intellectual disabilities.

For their 25th anniversary, Lebenshilfe, a German non-profit organisation, wanted to do something really special – bring a group of Germans - some with intellectual disability  - to Nepal!
Through support from socialtours, Lebenshilfe made this possible in March 2012 when a group of 13 Germans set foot on Nepal's soil to explore what the country has to offer and to meet the Nepalis.

The tour provided an experience of a lifetime, not only to the Germans, but also for the Nepalis. Lebenshilfe and socialtours partner organisation in Nepal, PATAN CBR, gave also an opportunity for disabled Nepalis and their families to travel into and explore another part of their own country.

The tour certainly inspired all involved and proved that Nepal is not out of bounds for those with intellectual disability and a sense of adventure. Nepal is open to everyone disabled or not - all one needs is to bring the desire for a new and rewarding experience.

As one of the guys in the group, Arthur Golz, summed it up: “The Himalayas is simply too beautiful to show only to those not disabled.”

To read the full article (in German) please click here (copyright of Zeitungshaus Bauer).

For more information on the partner organisations, please visit their websites:
Patan Community Based Rehabilitation Organization (Patan CBR)


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