Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yoga in the Mountains | 15 days | 25 Mar - 08 Apr' 012 | Nepal

Yoga outside the lodge at end of day | Sing Gompa | Day two

The Himalayas have long been known to be the abode of yogis and seekers, of mystics and adventurers alike. Join us on the journey of a lifetime, with Yoga in the Himalayas.

Yoga is a science of harmonizing one’s nature, of finding the balance between the many dimensions of our being-- physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual-- and between our inner and outer worlds. Although ancient, Yoga and its sister science of Ayurveda are still very alive in Nepal, woven into the culture, food, daily rituals and traditions. As lived in Nepal, Yoga encompasses all facets of one’s daily life--from how to eat to best serve one’s unique nature, to what it means to be part of a community. In other words, yoga is responsibility-for one’s self and for others. 
Embarking on this journey you will have the unique opportunity to take a dip into a land and people that- even in the throws of modernization- resonate with ancient yogic and vedic wisdom. 

According to legend, Gosaikunda, in the Langtang range, is the dwelling place of Lord Shiva, the Greatest Yogi of them all. In this breathtaking setting we will indulge in the space and inspiration of Nature and explore yogic practices to restore balance and support overall wellbeing. 

Make your health and wellbeing a priority this year, discover new landscapes, both outer and inner. Join us in Nepal.

About the instructor: Yogatara (Lisa Gaustchi) is director of Isha, a center of yogic learning and conscious living in Patan. Born in the U.S., raised in France, Yogatara began her journey in Yoga in 1996 when she first arrived in Nepal. With a B.A. in biochemistry, she turned from hard sciences to the life sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda in her search for healing and spiritual growth. Yogatara holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Yogic Sciences from Bihar Yoga University, the first accredited Yoga University, in Bihar, India and a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. Yogatara now works as yoga therapist, instructor, and counselor. In addition, she is a freelance writer and leads yoga retreats and spiritual journeys to Nepal, India and Tibet. Yogatara strives to embody the teachings of yoga and to follow the example of her teachers, Swami Satyananda and Swami Niranjanananda-- to serve, love and give (

She credits her five beautiful children with continually teaching her this real meaning of Yoga....the opening of the Heart and the art of Living.


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