Monday, August 8, 2011

Dancing with Shamans | All Womens Trek

08th Aug | 0800 hrs | the group ready to set off
Not by design at all, but coincidentally, the yearly departure we have to Gosainkunda Lake for the August Full Moon, called Dancing with Shamans, this year, has taken an interesting turn. Its an all Womens' Group, and we are so proud of it!

It is led by Dawa Yangzum Sherpa, who is an accomplished mountain athlete; running extreme marathons, rock climbing, ice-climbing and mountaineering. She is leading a group of five women; two Austrian teenagers, one German (who is preparing for her 125+ days Great Himalaya Trail journey), one American teacher and a Nepali journalist.

They are of course also supported by men. Three porters and a small crew who will reach Gosainkunda with tents from the other side.

Every year, during the August Full Moon, Shamans and Nepali pilgrims converge at the 4300m lake at Gosainkunda for a full night of festivities. This is one of the most unique treks one can undertake in Nepal.

Lake Gosainkunda | 4300m


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